Skin Tags During Pregnancy

Skin tags or the small, fleshy bulbs that you find anywhere on your skin, anus, or the genitalia during the later stages of pregnancy aren’t painful or harmful. Most of these skin folds, caused by hormonal changes or friction with the skin or clothes, disappear post childbirth. If they don’t, you can remove the smaller ones naturally by using tea tree oil or by tying them with a thread. Visit a doctor for the bigger ones.

Skin tags are annoying for everyone. They crop up gradually, sometimes in numbers, during pregnancy. Here is what you need to know about these tiny things.

1. What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are small, flesh-colored protrusions found on the body. These harmless things are an excess skin growth that are seen usually in the folds of your skin or parts that are hot. They usually make an appearance after you cross 50 or if you’re overweight or if you’re pregnant.

They are less than an inch in size or maybe even lesser than the size of a rice grain. They could be present in multiple places during pregnancy.

2. What Causes Skin Tags During Pregnancy?

There could be multiple reasons why skin tags appear during pregnancy. One reason could simply be change in hormones, leading to an increase in production of skin cells. Another reason could be the increase in weight that comes with pregnancy. This coupled with the folding of skin and areas where the skin tends to rub with your clothes could create friction and this could create skin tags.

Also, if you have never had skin tags before, it’s perfectly normal to develop them during your pregnancy. They pop up during the later stages of pregnancy.

3. Are There Different Types Of Skin Tags?

There are three known types of skin tags.

Cutaneous skin tags: They are the most common skin tags that can be found anywhere on the skin.

Genital skin tags: As the name suggests, these skin tags are found in the genital area. They could get irritated because they are always in contact with clothes.

Anal skin tag: These skin tags are present in the anal region and are common during pregnancy. They don’t hurt but might seem irritating.

4. Where Do They Appear?

Since they usually occur in the folds of your skin, you can find them on your neck, underneath your breasts, armpits, and groin. Don’t be alarmed if you see skin tags on your breasts. They could sometimes appear on your face and eyelids as well.

Besides the fact that they look annoying, there is no other known discomfort.

5. What Are The Natural Ways To Remove Them?

Skin tags usually don’t need interference and they can wait until after your baby is delivered. After your pregnancy, if your skin tags are small, here are a few natural remedies.

Tea tree oil: Soak a cotton ball into 100% natural tea tree oil and apply it on the area. Be careful not to rub the skin tag too hard. Leave it on for a while. You can do this 2-3 times a day. Since the oil can be very drying, women with dry skin can dilute it with olive oil.

Tie it with a thread: You could remove the skin tags by placing a cotton thread or even dental floss at its base and around the skin tag. This done to remove blood circulation. It should wither in time and fall off.

6. Do You Need To Worry About Skin Tags?

Skin tags aren’t dangerous. They aren’t normally painful. Unless they get pulled by your jewelry or your clothes.

7. Do Skin Tags Disappear After Pregnancy?

Yes, they do. But if they don’t disappear by themselves, you can rely on natural remedies. If the skin tags are bigger in size, don’t attempt to remove them because they could bleed. Go to a doctor and she would remove it by freezing the skin tags off.

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