6 Bad Foods For Stress Eating And Their Alternatives You Should Try

We all have those moments when food becomes the only answer to bust stress. Under stress, you don’t watch how much you put into your mouth. People tend to soothe stress with foods. But the problem is the kind of foods you eat while you’re in stress. These are the foods which you should never eat when you’re stressed

1. Glazed Donut

Baked sweet dishes actually increase anxiety. If there is no fiber, there will be a slow digestion, and the sugar in the donut will harm your body. It raises the cortisol, the stress hormone of your body.

Skip It With Oatmeal With Cinnamon And Honey

A hearty bowl of oats with honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon is a better idea. They boost serotonin in your body and aid your digestion.

2. Pretzels

They might seem like a healthier option to you over other sweets and candies, but pretzels contain only simple carbs, and can lift your mood only for some time.

Skip It With Dark Chocolate-Covered Almonds

The chocolate cure is a real thing, Dark chocolate lowers your blood pressure as good as the drugs do. Almonds are a rich source of good protein which is good for your brain. The monounsaturated fatty acids can lessen depression.

3. Potato Chips

Don’t stuff yourself with trans-fat. A diet high in trans-fat leads to weight gain. It can especially increase the size of your torso.

Skip It With Kale Chips

Try some homemade kale chips instead. Check out for some simple recipe and try it out yourself. They boost the serotonin levels and lighten your mood.

4. Sweet Coffee Or Beverages

Love the smell of coffee? But when you’re stressed, you don’t care about the extra cream, sugar, chocolate sauce, and ice-cream that adds up in it. These are foods which increase your weight, and make crave for them more often.

Skip It With A Smoothie

Try out a freshly blended smoothie with yogurt instead. You will get some goodness of fruits in your body, and the natural sugars in them will increase the serotonin level in your body.

An all-American comfort food loaded with grease and oil, French fries should be a big no-no for you. The trans-fats in them can induce depression in you.

Skip it with Sweet Potato

Low on Glycemic Index, you can get the low-carb snack with blood spike from natural sugars. It’s sweet, delicious, high on nutrients.

6. Ice-Cream

Too much sugar, too much fats, artificial flavors, too cold in temperature, and what not? You can easily catch around 10 health issues by eating ice-cream.

Skip It With Yogurt With Berries

Creamy, low on fat, high on good bacteria, and anti-oxidants, a bowl of yogurt with berries is a delicious way to kill stress.

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