How To Make a Kitchen Fan Hood

About one month after we moved into our ten-year-old home, our stove fan went out. We looked at a new fancy one and didn’t like the price one bit. We decided to buy a good but plain fan and then to cover it with a DIY hood. We love the final result, and it saved us about half the price of a fancy hood.

We made sure to make the new hood in the same style as our existing kitchen cabinets. I think they are shaker.

My husband was the engineer/carpenter on this project, and I was the painter. He started out building a simple wood box that he took all the way to the ceiling. Then when he put the trim back, he ran it around the front of the box.

This is what the old fan looked like before the DIY “upgrade.”

Once all of the trim was on, we added finials and a shelf that will be perfect to decorate according to the season. We sanded, primed, and painted, and it is a wonderful addition to our home. To see more of this project and the other kitchen projects we have completed, please visit our blog: To see more:

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