Lanterns Made From Dollar Tree Frames

Here’s a project that is inexpensive, yet looks nice and can be used for any season, or just to have as part of your home decor. What’s even better is that you’re turning something as mundane as Dollar Tree frames into useful lanterns! Candle lovers, this one is for you! Time: 1-2 Hours Cost: $20 Difficulty: Easy SUPPLIES:
-frames with removable backs (4 for each lantern)
-spray paint (I used satin Wildflower blue and satin Heirloom white.)
-glue gun & sticks
-foam board
*Note: the lids are not functional, they are just for esthetics.
-1×6 common board
-nails (I used upholstery nails I had on hand.)
-jute rope
-chop saw (not pictured.if you don’t have a saw, you may be able to have your common board cut at Home Depot)
-fine grit sandpaper (not pictured)
-Danish oil (not pictured)
-rag (not pictured)
-box cutter/X-Acto knife (not pictured)

STEP 1: Prep & Paint frames
First, I removed the backing and the glass of all of my frames. I used an old butterknife I keep with my art supplies to push the tabs completely back.

Then I laid my frames out and sprayed them with paint.

.you’ll want to let the fronts dry completely, then flip them over and spray the backs. Make sure to get the sides as well!

STEP 2: Secure glass in frames & assemble lantern
Next, I used hot glue to put a small drop of hot glue on the inside corners of the frame, then laid the glass down so that it wouldn’t fall out when the frames were sitting up. *Note: I had my glue gun on for too long which is why my glue looks yellow.

Once the glass in all of my frames was glued and secured, I assembled my two lanterns. I applied a strip of hot glue to the long edge of each side, sat them up vertically and held them together, tightly, until the glue set.

STEP 3: Trace, cut & glue foam board bottom
After my lanterns were assembled, I sat each of them on my foam board and traced around the bottom of the lanterns.

Then, I cut the foam board bottoms out, along my traced outline, with a box cutter.

Here are my foam board bottoms.

After I cut out the bottoms, I applied hot glue to the edges and sat the lanterns on top.

STEP 4: Trace & cut common board for lids (optional)
If you want a lids for your lanterns, you’ll want to follow this step as well as the next.
Much like I did for my foam board bottoms, I also sad my lanterns on a piece of common board and traced around the edge. Then, I cut the marks with a chop saw, lightly sanded the cut boards, and applied Danish oil to them.

STEP 5: Add rope to lids
Next, I hammered a nail into some rope on two sides of my lids to create a rope handle.

STEP 6: Finish knobs and install
Finally, I applied Danish oil onto my two knobs and installed them into the middle of my lids.

Even though the lids are just for looks, I love how these little lanterns came out! They’re perfect for any occasion and all year round.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Frames(Dollar Tree)
  • Spray paint(Home Depot)
  • Glue gun & sticks(on hand)

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