I Love My Curls Because

Curls are special. You curly haired angel, you’re lucky. What you have is something not many are blessed with. There may have been times when the grass looked greener on the other side, but on those occasions, you simply needed someone around to remind you how wonderful your curls are. You don’t need tools to straighten or style your hair, and you definitely don’t have to apply a hundred products hoping that they would look better. Your curls already look amazing. Accept them. Embrace them. Flaunt them. Here are just a few reasons why I love my curls.

1. They Make Me Stand Out
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It doesn’t take long for me to get noticed. I’ve got that signature look that no one else has. I can finally embrace my uniqueness.

2. I Can Look Fancy, Always
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They make me look fancy. While getting ready for a party, I don’t have to book a salon appointment. I just wear my hair the way it is and feel perfectly fine.

3. I Can Get Ready In A Jiffy
No matter how tired I am, I can get ready in a jiffy. I can literally wake up and just let my curly hair down and they so beautifully hide my state of half-awake zombieness.

4. I Look Absolutely Confident
My hair creates an aura of boldness. People find me confident and sociable, and love to hang out with me.

5. They Make Me Look Rebellious
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The rebel is totally visible. Really, my hair exudes all that rebellion I’ve had in me for years. Such appearance only attracts open-minded and high spirited people, so things only keep getting better.

6. They Exude Perfection
Everything else about my appearance becomes less important. Those dark circles and skin breakouts disappear because people can’t take their eyes off my majestic mane. Yeah, I said it.

7. They Save Time
They dry naturally and still make me look like a total diva. I don’t even need a blow dryer. I never have used one. Plus, I am free to do what I like while my friends are busy with their drying, ironing, or curling.

8. They Make Me Look Younger
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So many people have told me that I look young. This is absolutely true. Curls scream youth and make sure that everyone ends up remarking how much younger you look than your age. Now, isn’t that nice?

9. They Don’t Need Maintenance
I look fabulous even if my hair is unwashed and oily. Curls are magnificent and don’t need much maintenance. Their sheer volume hides the realities that you don’t want to be seen. You knew this, didn’t you? Pretty badass.

10. They Make Life Tool-Free
I don’t need a tool to style my hair. The amount of time, money, and effort saved is amazing. And those fancy hair tools – who needs them? My curls are happy just the way they are.

Your curls are a part of you. They make you shine and are a gift that the universe has bestowed upon you. Yes, you did spend a good amount of time wishing you didn’t have curls. I did, too. In those moments during washing, styling, drying, and applying products, you let your mind trick you into making a terrible wish. But look at the other side: what would you be without curls? Not you. Would you feel the same? No. Will others look at you differently? Yes. Will you begin to look like everyone else? YES! So let that worry go. These curls are what make you, you.

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