How to nodular weaving hairstyle

Hello dear mistress! At the request of the Little delicious candy MK nodular weaving. Authorship is not mine!

Select the middle part of the hair, and with it we will work

The frontal zone take a strand of hair and divide it into 2 parts

To tie the knot.

knot tying 3

prepared strand to the node 4, divide it in half. On the right we take a strand of 1 knot, and having got it under the bottom 2 and 3 strands connect 4

On the left we take a strand of 1 nodule factory under 2 and 3 and connect with 4 strand

We are tying the knot in the same way as the previous

Tightens the knot further pletёm in the same sequence

Take strands from the upper node, a factory near the bottom of the next, connect with new strands and tying the knot

when you dopleli to the end, the remaining strands twist leads them to each other

commit gum and get a result here

slightly stretch the knots, align them, add a side loose hair and fix. Upon request we decorate

Thanks to all who looked! All the girls I’m tired. The next leap will be Valentine’s Day. Till!

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