9 Common Mistakes Women Make with their Bras

Hey, beauties!
I am going to talk about a very critical aspect of our outfit. Yes, you guessed it right! Bra forms the foundation of any ensemble. So not caring for your bra properly or mishandling it might make you compromise on the shape and shelf life of your intimate goods.

1. Not Investing in a Quality Bra
There is undoubtedly the most important point. Even if they don’t look very different on the hanger, a quality bra and a cheap one will feel markedly different. A good quality bra will fit more comfortably from the minute you put it on, provide all-day support and will hold its appearance over many wears and washings.

2. Long gap between Bra Fittings

Get professional bra fittings regularly. Each time you body undergoes a change like weight gain or loss, pregnancy menopause etc, you may need new bras. To ensure comfort, support, and shape, it is recommended that you get an expert fitting every six months to a year.

3. Wearing the Same Bra Every Day
Even if have found your favorite HG bra, never wear it for two days or more at a stretch. Rotate your bras. The simple logic? Perspiration can cause a bra’s elastic to deteriorate. Have at least three bras in your wardrobe: one to wear, one to wash, and one to rest for a day. Following this way will help each last longer.

4. Putting Your Bra in the Dryer
Hang or lay your bra flat to dry. But never ever put your bra in the dryer. Since every bra has unique fabrics, trims, and care requirements, it’s imperative to Read labels for washing and temperature instructions. Though hand-washing your delicates is the best way, but most bras can be washed in a lingerie bag on your machine’s gentlest cycle.

5. Improper Storage of Your Bras

The best way to store is to stack your bras. After your bras are completely dry, stack them in a row so the cups fit into each other in your drawer, or hang them on hangers in your closet. This is especially important for bras with a molded foam cup. Avoid folding bras in half with one cup inside the other, which could alter their shape.

6. Never wear a bra with a Problematic Band
Your bra’s band is the key to good support. The bottom edge of your bra should sit level and straight all the way around your body. If the band is too loose, the cups will fall down, causing your breasts to sag. Again, if your band is too tight, it can dig into the skin and create painful, unflattering lines and bulges on your back and sides. So try a variety of sizes and styles to gauge fit, look, and feel.

7. Wearing a White Bra under White Clothing
This wardrobe malfunction is surely seen every day. Choose a color closest to your skin tone.
That means matching your bra to your skin tone, not your clothing. We recommend choosing a neutral shade such as light nude, soft tan, mocha, or black-any color that closely matches your skin tone will disappear under light colors or sheer fabrics.

8. Wearing Basic Colors Every Day
Don’t be afraid to go for fun colors or prints. While having bras in neutral colors like black or soft tan is essential, wearing a fun printed bra (such as leopard or polka dots) can feel like a special treat.

9. Update Your Bra Wardrobe

Different cup sizes and outfits call for different bras. If you have a fuller cup size and want the most cup coverage and maximum support every day, choose a full coverage bra. For smaller cup sizes, push-ups or demi bras offer enough coverage. Wearing a T-shirt? Choose a bra that’s invisible under clothing.

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