Pork Colombo

"Pork Colombo" or "Porc Colombo" is an interesting name for a Caribbean origin pork curry. As the name suggest this pork curry has cooked with the spices sourced from Sri Lanka & India to the Caribbean during the British colonial period. Mature taste & aroma of spices along with subtle taste of coconut milk gives this pork curry its imperial status."

3 Medium Pork chops (500g)

3 Medium Potatoes (one cut into medium size pieces)

2 Medium Carrots (one cut into medium size pieces)

1/4 Medium Red Bell Pepper (de-seeded & cut into small squares)

1/4 Medium Green Bell Pepper (de-seeded & cut into small squares)

1 Teaspoon Black pepper (crushed)

2 Tablespoon Oil (vegetable or sunflower)

1 Medium Red Onion (chopped)

6 Clove Garlic (chopped)

1 Tablespoon Ginger (thinly sliced)

2 Cup Coconut milk (thick)

1/2 Cup Water (warm)

8 Medium Curry leaves

1 Teaspoon Coriander seeds

1/4 Tablespoon Cinnamon powder (ground)

2 Tablespoon Curry powder

1 Teaspoon Turmeric powder

1 Teaspoon Cumin seeds

1 Teaspoon Chili Powder

2 Teaspoon Salt (or to taste)

1 Tablespoon Vinegar

1 Tablespoon Lime juice (freshly squeezed)

2 Tablespoon Sugar

Step 1
Marinate the pork chops for about 20 minutes by evenly mixing salt, vinegar & crushed black pepper with the pork chops in large dish or tray.
Step 2
Heat the oil to medium-high in a large sauce pan for about 2 minutes then add the marinated pork chops & fry each side for about 8 minutes until its get light golden brown. Remove the pork chops from the sauce pan & put them into a
dish. Set this aside.
Step 3
Now we going to continue cooking by using the same sauce pan which used for frying pork chops with left over oil. Add chopped red onion, chopped garlic, thinly sliced ginger & curry leaves to the sauce pan, let it fry for about 2 minutes while stirring the mixture. Then red & green bell pepper to the mixture & fry them for further 3 minutes until it’s softened.
Step 4
Add coriander seeds, curry powder, turmeric powder, cumin seeds, cinnamon powder & chili Powder to the sauce pan. Fry them for further 3 minutes while stirring the mixture.
Step 5
It’s time to add potatoes & carrots to the sauce pan while mixing thoroughly with fried mixture for 2 about minutes. Then lower the heat to low-medium level & add the coconut milk along with water to the sauce pan, cook for further 10 minutes until potatoes & carrots cooked half way through.
Step 6
Then add the set aside fried pork chops to the sauce pan along with sugar & lime juice, cover them with coconut milk sauce and let it simmer for about further 10 minutes. Remove the sauce pan from the stove & check the salt taste, adjust it to your taste if necessary. Serve hot with steamed rice.

Step by step directions in images: set 01

Step by step directions in images: set 02

Step by step directions in images: set 03

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