Malay Pickle (Sri Lankan Style)

"It’s a gastronomic gift from Malaysians to Sri Lankans. Originally adopted from local Malay community, now this is a permanent fixture in any celebration menu. It’s looks exotic & colourful at the same time it’s charm you taste buds with explosion of flavours from sweet to hot with a hint of pleasant sour note. It’ll be an understatement if I mention about the aroma of this pickle is ‘spellbinding’ with above looks & taste along with those lovely ingredients."

2 Tablespoon Mustard seeds

1 Tablespoon Chilli powder

5 Clove Garlic

4 Thick slice(s) Ginger

1/4 Cup Vinegar

3 Tablespoon Sugar

1 Large Carrot (peeled, cut into stripes)

10 Small Shallot

5 Large Banana pepper (cut into large pieces or blocks)

10 Medium Green chilli (split open)

10 Medium Date (deseeded & cut into halves)

1/2 Small Cucumber (peeled, deseeded & cut in to stripes)

Step 1
Add mustard seeds, chilli powder, garlic, ginger, and vinegar in a food processor (or using a mortar and pestle) and grind until it get into a thick paste.
Step 2
Put the paste into a large sauce pan and cook for about 2 minutes on medium high heat. Then add sugar into the sauce pan stir well, cook for about further 1 minute.
Step 3
Then add carrot, shallot, banana pepper, green chilli, dates and cucumber in to the sauce pan and mix well all together. Cook for about further 3 minutes. Remove from the heat & let it cool before put in to a jar.
Step 4
Place the pickle in a clean airtight jar or bottle. You can enjoy this delicacy for about week at room temperature or if you refrigerate may be additional 4-5 days.

Ingredients – Malay Pickle (Sri Lankan Style)

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