black Up Cosmetics Perfect Eyebrows – SP03 Review

Skin tone: light/fair with yellow-neutral undertones
Skin type: Oily-sensitive, acne prone skin

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Price: $25.50 for 0.01 Oz, excludes shipping and taxes

Product Description:

My Experience with black Up Cosmetics Perfect Eyebrows – SP03:
First and foremost attraction of this packaging is the bullet stick itself which looks like a lipstick while it is a sleek, pointed eye brow lead encased beautifully inside bullet packaging. I find it certainly smart, user friendly and travel friendly concept to enclose a stiff waxy-powdery formula in retractable bullet packing for ease of usage though it can be tricky at the same time.

Perfect Eyebrows are available in 3 exclusive dark skin tone friendly shades such as: SP01 (chestnut brown), SP02 (brown) and SP03 (dark brown). Considering my brown-black eye brows, I picked shade SP03 and it is perfect match for my eye brows. I am sure every Indian/Asian skin tone beauty will find her suitable shade in this brand considering even the lighter shade chestnut brown comes up nicely on darker skin tone.

SP03 is as described a deep chocolate brown eye brow which gives dark blackish brown hue to my eye brows; it doesn’t look harsh though. I mean I can easily tone down the harsh lines with any ordinary spoolie brush as it blends nicely before setting onto stubborn eyebrow stain on my oily skin. However, I had to go through few trial and errors to learn the correct trick of wearing this eyebrow stick with precision. I say so because unlike the pencils, this stick will need a patient hand.

Let’s sum up pros and cons,

Pros of black Up Cosmetics Perfect Eyebrows – SP03:
• A 2-in-1 eye brow wax and powder infused stick with retractable lipstick kind of concept.
• It comes in three shades of brown to work for every Asian/Indian skin tone beauty.
• The shade SP03 works perfect for my black-brown sparse eye brows.
• It gives natural results with no dry harsh lines and/or powdery residue on eye brows.
• It stays put with no smudging, fading or transferring for 7+ hours.
• Once we get the hang of it, it will work like charm.
• It is stiff enough to give precise lines around arches while soft enough to fill in sparse areas with no tugging/pulling at all.
• It does not cause any damage to my natural eye brows.
• The powdery waxy finish easily sets down to natural thicker brow with any spoolie brush.
• It is water proof up to a good extent.
• Quite travel friendly concept.

Cons of black Up Cosmetics Perfect Eyebrows – SP03:
• It might dry up being exposed to air.
• It takes time to get used to this stick concept.
• The bullet tip might get blunt with regular usage.
• I still find it tricky for tapered end application.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend black Up Cosmetics Perfect Eyebrows – SP03?
Well I see that most of the nays will depend on person to person while I do bother for its drying and soon to blunt down tip. I might get it again and would definitely recommend it to every beauty especially if you need a change from time-consuming wax and powders.

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