Step by step tutorial beautiful hairstyle

Step by step tutorial beautiful hairstyle

In the temporal area to the right select a strand of hair, which we divide into 3 parts

do the usual interlacing and separating thin strands along the hairline weave them into a pigtail

while direct braid horizontally pryadok length increases

dopletaem until the middle of the back of everything, and repeat on the left side hairstyles

fix in the center of the rubber band

and we get the following result

The same principle is woven into the rim of the hair

We do parting from ear to ear. The width of the rim you do at your own discretion

his temple select a strand of hair that we divide into 3 parts

pletёm normal plait with the addition of thin strands

dopletaem to the opposite temple, and fix the rubber band. beginning pigtails slightly pulled apart giving a uniform width of our spit over the entire length

we start the braid under the loose hair and fix invisible

if necessary, you can ring the inside of the lock invisible.

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