Flower vase gift to the new home

Here is a Flower vase done for a housewarming party. Height – 78cm

Flowers close: the lowest – the largest

the smallest

I want to tell you how to make flowers. To get this string (I have two colors), glue, cardboard, buttons. From cardboard cut out a template leaves (in my every flower – 5pcs)

Photograph began when did the last one – the smallest, so the pasted three rows of dark twine ..

. More glued bright ..

The shape of a leaf made immediately pasted strings, while crude cardboard (treacherously camera died, we had to go to the phone)

These are the petals turned

cardboard cut out a small circle and he taped all the petals

That flower is ready. midway in each floret made different, but based on the same buttons.

Finally once all the vase entirely

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