How To Grow Luscious And Longer Lashes In Just 7 Days!

Every woman wants to look nice. There are many things that define the attractive look. One of the criteria is nice features on the face. Many women pay attention on the eyes, lips, eyebrows, lashes.

Some women naturally have thick and long lashes. But there are many women that are not that much lucky. They try to achieve the desired effect just by applying their favorite mascara, and they may still not be fully satisfied with their look.

In this article we present you a natural recipe that probably is the best solution for you. This woman claims that she has found a way to grow thicker and longer lashes in just one week. She used a mixture of natural oils and in exactly 7 days her eyelashes became just like she wanted them to be. She swears that this treatment is 100% effective and you” believe her once you try it.

You will need only these 3 ingredients and some patience:

20ml coconut oil

20ml castor oil

20ml Vitamin E oil


Ina small bottle mix all the ingredients and shake them well so that they are thoroughly combined.

How to use it:

Clean your face before you apply the mixture and every night before you go to bed shake the bottle and apply just a bit of the mixture on your eyelashes and go to bed. Use your fingers for application or use a cotton swab.

In a very short time, after just 7 days you’ll notice the difference.

How does the ingredients work?

Coconut oil has lot of health benefits among which stimulating hair growth is key for this application. It’s rich in carbs, vitamins and minerals, as well as lauric acid which prevent protein loss in eyelashes. As a result they will grow longer and look thicker. It also improves the quality of your eyelashes.

Castor oil stimulates hair growth so why not use it for your lashes as well. It has the same effect.

Vitamin E or the lack of this vitamin hinders hair and eyelashes growth so it’s logical to include this vitamin in the quest for longer eyelashes.

Note: make sure you’re using natural, organic oils (castor and coconut) in order to be sure that there are no added additives or no nutrients are lost.

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