Fashion Mantra 2017: PINK Is The New Black

Pink is the colour of this season. From outfits to bags, it is everywhere and is making us go gaga over it. Our celebrities have presented to us some remarkable styles to carry this all-time-favourite colour with so much panache.

If you are looking for some inspiration, just have a look at the most impressive pink outfits that our celebrities have flaunted recently.

1. All Pink!

Going all pink may not sound a wise idea, but it has the potential to create a fashionista out of you. What is important is to keep the style subtle without over dressing and keeping your accessories minimal. Take some remarkable lessons from these divas.

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2. The Darker Shades:

The darker versions of pink are not usually considered to be the obvious fashion choices but. Surprise! Surprise! These days a lot of celebrities have started experimenting with this shade and have triggered a statement for bold, yet unusual fashion.

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3. Pink Footwear:

The most eccentric of the lot. Wearing such a bright footwear certainly requires a lot of confidence and our b-town celebrities obviously have that. Over time, this has become a rage and is officially gender-neutral, now.

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4. The Dapper Pink:

Pink for men is  the new age style mantra that is here to stay. It adds an x-factor to your look, giving you an edge over others. Adorable is the word!

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5. The Pastel Pink:

The classiest version of Pink, the pastel shades can turn you into a style goddess within minutes. Originally an English colour, this is the most popular trend of the season with celebrities vouching specifically for the ‘blush pink’ tone. Take these for reference.

Image SOurce: Pic1:, Pic2 & Pic3: : afashionistadiaries

6. Pink Hand Candies:

A small piece of accessory can do wonders to your style statement. Just add a splash of some bright hue and look refreshingly vibrant in no time. Chic is the word!

Image Source: Pic1:, pic2:, Pic3: afashionistasdiaries.instagram

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