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It has been estimated that approximately 50 percent of the women in the world suffer from the problem of hair loss. This problem can sometimes be the result of genetics, however, the reason for its appearing can be of different nature, such as menopause, hormonal changes, weight loss, pregnancy, stress, or problems with the thyroid gland.

Luckily, there are plenty of natural ingredients that can help you make your hair healthier and stronger without the use of any chemical treatments.

Buy a natural shampoo that has a neutral pH value, preferably one without harmful chemicals like sulphates. These shampoos are generally milder, like baby shampoos. A study that has been conducted on the topic of beauty products and personal care products has shown which shampoos actually contain harmful chemicals, and which do not.

After buying an adequate shampoo, you should add a couple of drops of essential rosemary oil and a couple of essential lemon oil drops. These oils are very efficient and that is why they are used in hair treatments and a lot more beauty treatments. For example, inhaling some of the essential oils on the market can also has positive psychological effects.

These oils can also be applied topically, directly on the skin, thanks to the fact that their active compounds can be easily absorbed through the skin, just like any other cream or treatment. Besides, you can enjoy the benefits of these oils and their aroma if you add them to your shampoo.

Rosemary essential oil has incredible forest aroma. Moreover, this oil is rich in various antioxidants, which are powerful and efficient in the fight against the problem of hair loss.

Rosemary essential oil is able to stimulate the blood circulation and trigger the growth of the hair follicles. This oil is also efficient in fighting the problem of dandruff and oily hair. The rosemary oil also helps the pores to open, it stops the sebaceous glands to produce too much fat, it stops the itching on the scalp, and it provides a healthy and thick hair.

Lemon is rich in antimicrobial compounds known for their ability to remove the harmful chemicals from the body, increase the energy level, and cleanse the skin. The essential lemon oil has strong therapeutic effects. The most important thing is that this oil is very refreshing and makes your hair smell great.

Vitamin E is found on the market in the form of capsules or oil. If you decide to buy the oil, all you have to do is add ten drops of it to the shampoo, while if you decide to buy the capsules, you would need to take two of them, make a hole in them using a needle, and pour their content into the shampoo.

It is a fact that vitamin E is one of the most efficient soluble antioxidants. This vitamin prevents tissue corrosion, repairs the damaged hairs, and promotes healthy hair growth. According to a study, taking in vitamin E in the body speeds up the process of hair growth by 34 percent. This vitamin also helps in solving the problem of baldness in men and it accelerates the growth of their hair by 42 percent.

When applied and rubber directly on the scalp, vitamin E can speed up the process of hair growth and trigger the growth of new hair. In general, this vitamin prevent the appearance of premature gray hair, increases the hair volume and it makes it stronger. This sweet oil prevents problems linked to inflammation and dandruff and it contributes to a healthier appearance.

Add two or three drops of essential rosemary oil, two or three drops of essential lemon oil, and two capsules of vitamin E in a regular shampoo. Then, mix everything well by moving the bottle slowly up and down and shaking it.

Use this mixture three to four times a week. Apply a little bit of this mixture onto your scalp and gently massage it in for a couple of minutes. When you are done doing this, leave it for a few minutes.

In the end, wash your hair like you always do. One month later, you will notice that some new hair has been growing on your scalp. This amazing shampoo recipe that will stop your hair loss can be used even after your hair gets completely healthy.

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