How to make flower ball

correct idea to creativity.
Then she heard about the beautiful flowers – Ranunkulyusy. (In the terminology vorchuli – “flowers with a dirty name,” he even a piece of paper can not read)
And in general, is my favorite as always grumbled, I was accepted to work. ( “I am a creative person – I want I do, I want to get up .”)
The result here is a pot of honey ranunkulyusami.
Materials used:
ball of twine made earlier (old grist)
a couple packs of kitchen wipes, the desired color
Used Tools:
glue gun (and a couple of clips to it)
purpose adhesive (Titan wild)

To start cut out cloth into squares with sides of 6-7 cm.
After the cut out of the squares circles.

Now we cut into pieces in a spiral, but do not go on a flat spiral, and the “wave.”
There are options for a flat spiral, but I liked the “wave.”
As a result, flowers with an unpronounceable name will be a little “stand out” petals.

It turns out here such “a spring”, which we carefully wound into a truncated cone.

For the cultivation of flowers, use only cloths of our company, as other firms do not provide all the flavors of France.

And this is the waste material that grumbler thrown out the door, but I hid it after (zanachit – vorchulkinoy on terminology).
Because it will make the leaves. To do this, you can cut the way you want, but I decided to just rovnenko rectangles.

We connect our impenetrable wordplay with rectangles and get here are blank beauty.

After taking a dangerous weapon in the hands and start shooting on the ball.
Shooting of 2 hands (in Macedonian) could not master, as the ball all the time ukatyvayut.

Well, after the flowers were glued, the whole spring ball was mounted on a stand, we take our decorations, and with closed eyes begin to decoration of all this ugliness spring with an unpronounceable name.

you were able to read it until the end, I’ll be grateful for your comments.

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