History’s Shocking Fashion Trends

Rihanna at the Chinese-themed Met Gala bash, Heidi Klum at the Emmy’s, Tiziana Rocca at the Golden Globes red carpet, and Joy Villa at the Grammy’s. What’s common between all these appearances? They are the worst fashion fails of 2015, all competing to be the worst style moments of all time!

Our celebs need to know that while some trends look hot on paper, not all translate well into designs. But why single out the divas? Every now and then, the fashion industry gets a little ahead of itself to hit us with shocking trends – from the outrageous to the ugly, from disastrous to an outright mess. Let’s look at the top five worst fashion trends of all time that has startled and outraged people around the globe.

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Corsets were a must for women of fine stature in the 18th and 19th centuries. Girls were shoved into them even before they hit their teens and made to wear them until they got married. Men who aspired for a better posture and a lean physique also took to wearing corsets. Although this trend started getting popular sometime in 1700s, it was only in 1900s that people became aware of its ill effect on women. It was only by 1960s, when feminism took shape, that women began seeing corsets as degrading.

Powdered Wigs
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What started as a means to hide baldness soon caught fancy of the entire world. Louis XIII of France took to the habit of wearing large powdered wigs, called perukes, when he started losing hair. Soon the aristocracy and upper middle class started flaunting huge, ridiculous, over-the-top wigs. And for the next two centuries or so, wigs were a fad. It was only in the late 18th century that the trend began to fade out. Aren’t we glad?

Bizarre Heels
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From Lotus Shoes popular in Chinese culture to wooden shoes with stilts and Armadillo heels, foot fashion has seen it all. So much so that Venetian women in 16th and 17th centuries were accompanied by an attendant for support since the Chopines were difficult to balance in. Yet, high heels remain one of the most common and popular trends worldwide. Latest to catch the fever are heel-less shoes, brainchild of designer Antonio Berardi – where women walk on their tiptoes to look tall and pretty.
Isn’t it high time we ditch this dangerous and regressive movement happening in the name of fashion? Not to forget, high heels can lead to foot and ankle injury, back trouble and even nerve damage.

Hoop Skirts
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Hoop Skirts, also known as Crinolines in the mid-19th century, was an underskirt frame made of stiff fabric. This trend was particularly annoying as it caused skin irritation and rashes (since the fabric was made of horsehair). There were multiple cases of injury, often serious, since the over-sized skirts hindered movement. Recently, the hoop skirt hogged headlines when University of Georgia banned it, claiming the dress conveyed negative connotations.

No Eyebrows
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The most recent trend in high-fashion circle bags the prize for the most bizarre one! 2014 was the year of the eyebrow – from Katy Perry to Miley Cyrus, women removed and bleached their eyebrows to look like androgynous mannequins. While some have called this a profound social statement, most in the fashion industry dismiss this as a severe unflattering style, making both genders look asexual.

Suddenly Lady Gaga’s meat dress and Madonna’s bullet bra don’t seem to be the worst thing anymore!

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